Does it ever occur to you that the reason I don’t want to take part in YOUR plans is because you never talk to me when were with other people so it’s just easier for me to sit at your house while you go do what ever you want instead of dragging me along and making me miserable. I rather be content at your house than stand around and be ignored by you for hours. It’s why I always try to turn down your plans. Your plans are so selfish, you never take in account if I want to go or not. You just force me into it. And when I say I don’t want to go you tell me you want me there, why? Why do you want me there? Just so you can ignore me? Yea because that’s totally fun. 

I hate how he gets my hopes up every fucking time just to turn around and change his mind.

Yes I realize I only have this blog to save the URL. But I seriously need to vent about how unhappy I am and I’m sick of being treated like shit by people I’m nothing but nice to. Goddamn.

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